X-Factor Music Tuition and Studio Services

This year has proved to be an amazing journey working in several specialist schools for children with autism, asperger’s syndrome and other special needs.

Working with children and staff at establishments like Venturers’ Academy in Bristol we are living the realising the strap-line ‘Where everything’s possible’. It is just pure joy to see and hear children who have never sung before not only do so for the first time but have the confidence to do so in front of full gather of over 100 people.

Working with children with sublime musical ability to play pieces in any random key you suggest without blinking or creating entire scripts and scenes for a movie, you just could not ask for a better day job as far as I am concerned. The year has been one of fantastic discoveries and innovations using some of the latest technologies in music and software including VR to deliver innovative and creative music sessions.

Mainstream school provision still includes teaching guitar, piano, drums and vocals in individual and group settings. Several pupils have opted to go study for graded exams in guitar and piano and and gone on to achieve distinctions and merits and various grades.

We have had am increase in the number of adults learners that are returning to their instruments after many years of neglect and now discovering renewed enthusiasm and passion to learn pieces that were previously proving too difficult. It’s never too late to learn – it just a case of having the right attitude and approach coupled with that work ethic to do the basics – ‘play slowly, and accurately first time to embed good habits’.

We are working with many, many musicians to help develop song writing skills and the art of collaborating to help generate fresh, ground breaking sounds. This is a really exciting area that is growing with us working in schools and privately in our studio. Do check out the link below for more information.

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