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Check out this review from Piriye Music Review or click the link below for the full transcript:

“Hello world!  We got another review lined up for you all.  This nine track album comes from the songwriter Alphonso Archer.  The title of the album is “Formula for Life”, a project he brought himself to write and create after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.   With such a hard situation to deal with, Alphonso found it within himself to make some life changes which brought us this album.

The first track off of FFL “You Don’t Even Notice”.  A very dark and tense production.  The vocals come from Sherena Dugani who does exceptionally well bringing out the emotion on this track.  She sings “But baby we just living a lie / Just staying is just suicide / I feel invisible, you don’t even notice”.  Its an amazingly powerful track that I  found myself replaying, an easy stand out.  “OMENS” slows thing down and brings a calmer energy to the forefront with very light plunky acoustic guitars playing.  Its not until about the middle that the energy lifts up with the help of the beat.  Very interesting track, vocally its fine.  The “Christmas Single” is a delightful Christmas track with a little island flare to it.  The vocals are simply effortless and really helps bring the track whole.  One to add to the holiday playlist without a doubt. ”