Muso Mirror

Muso Mirror is a very simple concept. Attach a mirror to a music stand to make it easier to use a mirror for practising to help improve your technique and posture. How many guitarists or violinists do you see craning their necks to see their fingers that they end up distorting the bodies their posture so badly that practice sessions starts to produce negative results?

The Alexander Technique ‘is a skill for self-development teaching you to change long-standing habits that cause unnecessary tension in everything you do.’ It was originally conceived through the use of mirrors to observe posture.

This year has seen the Muso Mirror exhibit for the first time at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire with great feedback and accompanying sales. The United States is proving to be a great stomping ground and Classical Guitar Shed has become our first affiliate partner – check out their Muso Mirror review below.

Muso Mirror Affiliate Programme is about to be launched globally – details to follow.

 A range of complementary products to aid good posture and technique development is about to be announced so do check in regularly or subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

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