Formula for Life Album


Genre-defying UK musician Alphonso Archer with
inspirational debut LP.

Have you heard of Alphonso Archer? If not, you’re about to, because you’ve got this far and he’s got a message that concerns you directly.

As a musician spanning the realms of pop, jazz, funk and metal,  Alphonso Archer has been doing collaborations, with the occasional foray into songwriting, for the last ten years. But now, something unusual has happened. On the 10th of December, he is proud to present his first full-length LP, Formula for Life, with an accompaniment Xmas single. An entirely holistic affair, Alphonso has written and recorded the album from scratch, releasing it under homegrown label King-Archer Records. This new creation, however, has within its genesis a degenerative cause. The record itself owes its existence to Alphonso’s own recent diagnosis. Prostate cancer will affect one out of eight men in the UK.  That’s a serious number. Further yet, one out of four black males will suffer with prostate cancer. That’s an incredible proportion, taken from the demographic that are the least likely to go for a check-up.

Alphonso’s new mission is a holistic one that informs his art as much as his dayto-day life: to spread awareness of the perils of prostate cancer. With this in mind, Alphonso Archer has conceived his own ‘Formula for Life’, a musical tour through life’s turbulent ups, downs, pitfalls, emotions, experiences and solutions, relayed with the strange lucidity that comes to men & women who brush with death. The record, a shining debut both for Alphonso and King-Archer Records, which was set up as a joint effort with his son Joshua Luther King-Archer, straddles funky, mellow grooves, jazz-funk style structures and reggae influences, all pushed along by a strong RnB sensibility and a life-affirming purpose.

The result is a brand new collection of songs that are as musically intricate as they are emotionally stirring. The eponymous ‘Formula for Life’ is a particular highlight, with its evocative mix of sombre tones, intricate vocal layering and deep, jazzy progressions. It is a call to arms, to ‘speak up and make your voices heard’, and it reaches into the spiritual; ‘is this a test’? This is smooth sermonizing, professionally executed. Here is a musician who received that proverbial wake-up call, now spreading his message and playing at the top of his game.

Formula for Life is available on iTunes: